Kojima Productions has recently revealed that Death Stranding will be getting a new trailer on May 29. While little is known about the game at this point, it seems like we’ll be learning more soon.

Confirmation tweet! Nice.

What do we know so far?

Apart from the game’s first teaser trailer in 2017, and its first gameplay reveal at E3 2018, there hasn’t been much information released about Hideo Kojima’s latest Playstation title. Not until about two days ago, that is, where the man himself tweeted out a short video teasing the upcoming game.

In true Kojima fashion, the teaser is cryptic, and reveals little about the upcoming game. It merely shows a couple of images flashing within a hand-print, along with the tagline “Create the Rope”.

Another short teaser clip was released for Death Stranding was soon after the first. This one features two hand-prints that are connected, with a new tagline: “Help Us Reconnect”.

Do these taglines mean anything?

While we’re not entirely sure if these taglines will carry on to be of importance in the actual game itself, they do seem to link back to key points in Death Stranding’s gameplay.

For one, the tagline “Create the Rope” has the implied meaning of creating, or having, a way to reach out to another. For all we know, it might just turn out to be a crucial gameplay mechanic – seeing as how the game’s teaser posters include ropes as well.

It ties in nicely with the newer tagline, “Help Us Reconnect”, as well. After all, it’s been teased before that Death Stranding will be focusing on player collaboration. Star Norman Reedus has even mentioned that Kojima’s latest game will be featuring “elements of social media”, and that the game is about “re-establishing of (that) physical contact”.

With all this in mind, perhaps the upcoming trailer will be focusing on the online, or multiplayer, aspects of the game. Whatever it is, we’re looking forward to it – even if we don’t have a release date.

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