Monster Hunter: World’s next major expansion, Iceborne, will be coming to the PlayStation 4 and XBox One on September 6, 2019. The Windows PC version will be arriving on Steam later this year, around winter.

This release was announced by the developers, Capcom, on Thursday during a livestream. The Iceborne expansion promises to be a “massive” one. It will feature a new story, a new locale, and of course, new monsters to battle (hunt, if you will).

Iceborne will also be bringing back fan favourites from previous games in the Monster Hunter series, including Nargacuga from Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.

Big boy. / Capcom

Check out Iceborne’s gameplay reveal trailer here:

Gameplay Details

Iceborne will transport its players to the snowy Hoarfrost Reach, which might just be the largest region in Monster Hunter: World so far. Players will have to fight the frigid cold and keep themselves warm, by drinking hot drinks and bathing in natural hot springs.


In Hoarfrost Reach, players will encounter new creatures – Popos, Stonebills and Rime Beetles – the latter being insects that roll up balls of snow. Players will also be able to hitch a ride on Cortos, winged creatures that can be used to get around.

We believe these are Popos. / Capcom

Along with these new creatures, come new monsters. There’s Banbaro, a new, brute wyvern that likes to pick fights with other monsters. It can hurl boulders and trees that get caught in its horns.

Look at those horns! / Capcom

There’s Beotodus, a big monster that likes to bury itself into the snow, that will definitely prove to be a challenging opponent for players.

What would Monster Hunter be without its dragons, though? There’s also going to be a new Elder Dragon, Velkhana, that specialises in using ice attacks.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will cost $39.99 (about S$55) as a stand-alone expansion. A bundle of both the main game and the Iceborne expansion will cost $59.99 (about S$82).

For more details, check out Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World’s spring update stream here.

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