Looking for a change of pace from the usual American TV shows or anime? Or are you an avid fan of k-dramas? Whichever it is, SKY Castle might be the series for you.

You might have already heard about the JTBC drama a couple of months back, because it’s made history. Not only does it tackle controversial topics such as exam stress, it has also broken many viewership records. Some of SKY Castle‘s later episodes overtook cult favourites Goblin and Reply 1988 to become one of the most-watched dramas in Korea.

While popular locally in South Korea, it was also popular internationally. When the drama was still airing earlier this year, people would have weekly discussions about the latest episode’s cliffhangers!

What’s SKY Castle about?

SKY Castle follows the lives of four women living in a luxurious neighbourhood of the same name. The neighbourhood itself is a prestigious one, home to Korea’s elite – every family that lives there comes from a wealthy background, and these women’s husbands work in high-paying jobs, such as doctors and lawyers.

For these four women, their children’s success means the world. It’s for this reason that they’re hell-bent on having their children enter one of Korea’s most prestigious universities: Seoul National University, Korea University and Yonsei University (for which “SKY” is an acronym).

The drama itself is a satirical black comedy, meant to poke fun at Korea’s competitive education system. Of “tiger mums”, academic stress and parents competing over their kids’ education… we’re sure Singaporeans can relate!

At the same time, the drama doesn’t shy away from portraying the darker side of things – showing how (academic) stress can cause relationships to fall apart, bullying, emotional manipulation, and even suicide.

Though it can be dramatic at times (clearly, because it’s a drama), SKY Castle drives home the message that good grades (or universities) are not definitive of success in life. It’s definitely a drama that us Singaporeans can relate to, especially if you’ve been pressured to do well academically before.

If you’re looking for something serious, yet thought provoking, this is the series for you! SKY Castle is streaming on Netflix Singapore now. Check it out if you’ve got time to spare!

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