SC 38.

That’s the scene where Vader and Obi Wan meet up in the Death Star Docking Bay in A New Hope. Where Vader kills Obi Wan, who becomes one with the Force.

It’s also the series’ lamest ‘battle’.

Throughout the whole movie, Obi Wan has been building up Darth Vader to be his bad ass character. It’s reinforced by his actions (his choking of the Imperial officers in the meeting is still bad ass today as it was when I first saw it) but we never see him measured up against the forces arrayed against him.

That is until Obi Wan fought Vader to buy time for the others to escape. Unfortunately, instead of a slobberknocker of a battle like that in prequels (the duo’s duel on Mustafar for one), what we do is few lame slashes, a dodge and there, some lockups and Obi Wan surrendering.

Yeah, it made sense in the plot (since he was preparing to be one with the Force) but on film, it was kind of weak.

Enter SC 38 reimagined by FXitinPost.

They’ve basically reworked the whole scene to have it play out as we all want it to go.

The end result?

A bit forced (could’ve done with less lens flare) but a very awesome take on a classic scene. Vader punching Obi Wan, Force Throwing him and then chucking his saber into the damn wall was insanely cool.

FXitinPost has even elegantly spliced in the original A New Hope footage of Sir Alec Guinness with their own Obi Wan. Most of the time, you won’t even notice the difference.

All the classic lines are there (but spaced out through the battle) and they’ve added in some new music and a few choice dialogue bits (especially memorable was Obi Wan’s ‘You were my brother Anakin!’) right at the end of the scene.

It’s a damn shame this will never officially be incorporated into the film, but hey, that’s what Youtube is for!

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