Empowered by leading smartphone brand Vivo, Southeast Asia’s best PUBG MOBILE teams began their battle in the PUBG MOBILE Club Open SEA League 2019 (PMCO 2019 SEA League) on May 8th, 2019. Vivo’s official smartphone will be the secret weapon for these gamers as they battle their way for not only the coveted Chicken Dinner, but also part of a $2.5 million USD prize pool.

Tournament Details


The PMCO 2019 SEA League consists of 5 match days, over a duration of 5 weeks. There will be 20 teams from the National Finals, plus 4 wildcard teams divided into 3 groups through a draw event – making it 8 teams per group. The 4 highest ranking teams from the different regions will qualify for the PMCO 2019 SEA League Grand Finals. Excluding 4 regional Number 1 teams, the top 12 teams in the PMCO 2019 SEA League will advance to the PMCO 2019 SEA League Grand Finals.

The PMCO 2019 will ultimately culminate in July, as these top 16 teams battle it out in the Spring Split Global Finals in Berlin, Germany. Another Fall Split is planned to take place later this year.

Vivo’s Views on the Partnership

This global partnership reinforces Vivo’s commitment to bringing the ultimate gaming experience to fans. At the same time, it realises their ambition to redefine creativity and shape the future of the eSports industry. From PMCO 2019 SEA League’s individual matches, Vivo has been at the forefront of elevating the growth of eSports in the region. Of course, Vivo has done so by providing highly competitive gaming products.

“This partnership with PUBG MOBILE is a landmark achievement for us, given that it is the leading mobile game developed by Tencent games and PUBG Corporation, which has over 200 million fans per download excluding China, Korea and Japan,” said Messi Liu Hongbin, CEO of Vivo Singapore, at the opening ceremony. “We are excited to kick-start the PMCO SEA League today, and empower the best gamers in the region in their conquest for glory.”

The V15Pro in action. / Youtube, Gizmo Times

V15Pro is the official smartphone for the PMCO 2019 SEA League, and it ensures the ultimate gaming performance. Its Multi-Turbo Engine delivers optimum performance during even the most intense mobile game play. It combines several turbos: Center Turbo, Net Turbo, Cooling Turbo, AI Turbo and Game Turbo, to ensure a smooth-running user experience. Topping it all off, V15Pro’s Ultra FullView Display provides gamers with an uninterrupted, immersive view, while defeating their enemies.

For more information about the PMCO 2019, please visit their weblink here.

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