Lenovo has recently announced a refresh of their ThinkPad series of laptops that will now come with 2nd generation ryzen Pro mobile chipsets; Ryzen Pro is AMD’s branding for professionals and businesses who require additional security on the hardware level with better support from AMD.

These processors will come equipped with the pretty powerful Vega integrated graphics for hardware acceleration in productivity tasks. Interestingly, these laptops will come with displays that will price AMD Freesync by default which is a nice bonus for users running more intensive applications such as games.

Lenovo also touts this generation of ThinkPads to last an estimated 4 or more hours on a single charge.

“These new flagship ThinkPad series mark the first time AMD benefits are inside our thin and light T, Ts, and X laptops,” said Jerry Paradise, vice president, Lenovo Intelligent Devices Group Commercial Product Portfolio. “With these ultra-mobile systems, users will experience premium, first-class computing.”

Lenovo Newsroom

The release then goes about citing some hardware security features which should (hopefully) convince some business clients to try out their product:

“Unique to the 2nd Gen Ryzen PRO Processors, AMD Memory Guard (transparent secure memory encryption (TSME)) helps provide protection against cold boot attacks, if an attacker has physical access to the system. AMD Memory Guard provides OS and application-independent DRAM encryption, performing real-time encryption/decryption of system RAM.”

Lenovo Newsroom

What is interesting to note is that this refresh comes amidst the imminent launch of the 3rd Generation Ryzen processors which might mean that the Pro version of those CPUs might not be coming to mobile as soon as expected.

Lenovo has also released pricing details for those interested to check it out with release dates stated to be out within this or next month:

  • ThinkPad T495 (14” config); May 2019 starting at $939 USD.
  • ThinkPad T495s (14” config); June 2019 starting at $1,089 USD.
  • ThinkPad X395 (13” config); June 2019 starting at $1,089 USD.

Via Lenovo Newsroom

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