With E3 yet again being an online only event this year, it’s safe to say that nobody’s happy. Maybe it’s just me, but after nearly 2 years of no trade shows, I’m going batshit crazy! I never thought I’d say this…but I honestly miss the days of pushing through crowds to get a look at games or attending conventions like Xbox FanFest.

There won’t be any crowds this year at E3, but thankfully, the games still are coming.

Microsoft’s just let it be known that they’re bringing newly acquired (what’s a few months?) Bethesda Softworks along for their E3 ride this year!

On June 14 0100hrs SGT, Microsoft’s E3 showcase will be live!

You can view it in a number of ways:

So what can we expect?

I’d say Halo Infinite, a new Forza and Bethesda’s Starfield are a shoo-in, definitely. Perhaps a new Doom: Eternal expansion, a new Dishonored and maybe a new Fallout or Prey from the Bethesda side of things. From Microsoft…I think it’ll be a bit trickier.

I have the feeling the company’s going to be dredging up some old school titles…so a Gears teaser of some sort definitely. Maybe even a Brute Force remake? Let the speculation commence!

Alongside that, Microsoft’s also announced the return of Xbox FanFest, which is already underway.

All you need to do to join Xbox FanFest is to register at this link.

As E3 draws nearer, more and more events will get underway at the site, including giveaways and the chance to win Xbox branded loot! If you can’t wait, no worries!

There’s an exclusive Xbox FanFest store already up and running with a ton of cool exclusive goodies…in fact, some of them have already sold out! Yeah, I was honestly really interested in getting one of the Halo bags but it’s not to be I guess.

The good news is that while E3 ends in June, Xbox FanFest will run throughout the year! Yup, that means you’ll need to keep checking in for more exclusives and stuff! Not a bad deal at all!

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