When I signed up to do freelance work for The Technovore, I remember Sal telling me that I might get the chance to review cool gadgets as part of my job. Cool I thought. Never in my wildest dreams though would I have guessed that Sal would pass me an adult toy to review. Yes that’s right, in case you were having doubts, the Womanizer Premium Eco is a vibrator for the ladies.

Yeah, I know Sal’s reading this. He’s sure as hell going to edit it so that it doesn’t offend sensibilities…but I don’t care.

I love my Womanizer Premium Eco.

What is the Womanizer Premium Eco?

The Womanizer Premium Eco is an adult toy meant for females. It’s an eco friendly gadget that’s meant to reduce waste while making you feel very (VERY) good about yourself. The Premium Eco isn’t like your regular ‘massagers’. It uses air and vibrations to stimulate the clitoris to get you off.

The Womanizer Premium Eco has an MSRP of SG$280.

I’ve never reviewed a sex toy before so I’ll just be blunt and direct; this vibrator is really good!

The vibration it gives off can easily be adjusted by the buttons on top of the device while in use. I thought it was a bit awkward at first, but that wasn’t an issue anymore after awhile. The buttons are raised enough so you can easily feel them through touch, which is great because I didn’t want the Womanizer Premium Eco to stop once it’s been turned on!

While I appreciate the strength and intensity the toy can generate, it’s definitely a bit loud at higher settings.

Unless it’s pressed against my lady parts, there’s an audible hum to it which gets louder the higher the setting. At its highest setting, the Womanizer Premium Eco sounds like an electric shaver…which is pretty loud! I’m pretty sure my mum heard it during one of my ‘sessions’! The only way I’ve found to muffle it was to wrap it in a tshirt so that the noise wasn’t too bad!

Funny story, when I first got the Womanizer Premium Eco from Sal, I thought it was broken.

I followed the instructions and turned it on, but it’d vibrate for a bit and then shut down. It was until quite a bit later that I realized that the toy turns on automatically (which is so cool!) when it makes contact with skin! So fancy! So impressive!

As an eco friendly version of the Womanizer Premium, the Womanizer Premium Eco is now made of out Biolene (a biodegradable plastic), that is itself made out of 70% natural materials. I’ve never heard of Biolene before this too! It feels a bit like a cross between silicon and regular plastic, very smooth to the touch.

The material’s also scentless and it doesn’t retain any odour at all. I didn’t use any special soaps or anything so taking care of the device is relatively fuss free. Just make sure to sanitize the parts you used properly!

The modular design of the toy allows it to be disassembled easily. In theory, this will allow you to swap out defective parts, so you don’t need to rebuy the toy if there’s an issue. In testing, it wasn’t even a factor because nothing broke or had a need to be replaced.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I got a bit hooked on the Womanizer Premium Eco, especially considering I’ve been single for a while now. While I was tentative at first, the Womanizer Premium Eco won me over after the first session…which didn’t even last a minute.

Yup, I came that fast despite trying my best to last longer.

I blame it all on the vibrations and whatever else black magic is going on under the hood (pun intended!). I don’t know the specifications or the technical jargon but I do know that the Womanizer Premium Eco works just as its advertised, though it’s not without some technical flaws.

For one thing, I don’t really like the way it charges.

Instead of using a normal connection like USB, it uses a unique charging method that has you placing the charging cable lead on top of connectors on the toy. While the magnet in the connector’s pretty strong, it’s not strong enough to hold the connectors together if moved even slightly.

Three times (yes I counted), I came back to the connectors disconnected. Once was because I bumped into the Premium Eco without realizing it, the other two were due to my cat. Womanizer needs to either redo the whole charging style, or at least make it tighter and more foolproof for idiots like me.

The Bottom Line.

There may be better adult toys out there but for me the Womanizer Premium Eco is more than enough! It does everything I want (which is to get off) in a very pleasurable way. As far as I’m concerned, the other features of the Womanizer Premium Eoco are just secondary.

It’s great that it is eco-friendly and all, but honestly, I love the toy for what it does, not what it’s made up of!

It might be a bit pricey at SG$280, but trust me when I say that once you try it, you’ll won’t care about what you spent.


Pricey toy that’s worth it but you’ll need to overlook some issues.

The Good:

  • The orgasms. Oh god the orgasms.
  • The orgasms. Yes, it’s worth mentioning again.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Strong vibration.
  • Nice material.
  • Responsive buttons.

The Bad:

  • Noisy at high settings.
  • Charging is a hassle.
  • Pricey.

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