With Microsoft girding up for E3, it stands to reason their closest competitor would be doing the same. While Microsoft has its day in the sun with its ongoing Xbox FanFest, Sony is also bringing back an old friend; the Days of Play 2021.

While the Xbox FanFest is an online affair, Sony’s Days of Play 2021 is more localized, with Playstation products going on sale in brick and mortar stores right now!

Chief among them is of course the Playstation VR set that’s on sale for SG$319. A pretty good deal, especially considering the next PS VR headset won’t be ready till at least next year. Might as well get the library started right?

Yeah…it’s a good idea!

I really suggest you hit up Vader Immortal and Marvel’s Iron Man VR when you get the headset!

Other than that, DualShock 4 controllers are also on sale for SG$54.90. Not all of them unfortunately, only selected colors. Then again, who buys controllers for the colors?!

Finally, Days of Play 2021 also sees some pretty deep discounts on Sony’s library of published titles.

Here’s the complete list and their pricing.

We’ve reviewed nearly everything on that list and let me tell you…all of them are more that worth the asking price! Just click on the embeds above and you’ll get right to our reviews, with the latest being Sal’s The Nioh Collection review. Long story short, Sal thinks that it’s a really great bargain at full price. At this discounted sale price? You’d be insane not to snap it up!

Oh yeah! Don’t forget to hit up the Playstation Network too! The Days of Play 2021 sales are online as well, so you don’t want to miss out!

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