Be it Dark Souls, Bloodborne or even Sekiro; glitches are all too customary with these kinds of games. Some can be extremely game-breaking, while others can somewhat be helpful in certain instances though.

Demon’s Souls Remake is no exception to the rule and has its very own fair share of problems. If that wasn’t enough, it’s running on a newly released console, and we all know how that goes in the first few weeks.

Despite all of that, one dedicated player has devoted his time to utilizing a glitch in the game that makes him godly. And now you can too, well at least until a patch comes along and fixes it.

You are now the Boss of Demon’s Souls.

In Demon’s Souls Remake, Bluepoint Games introduced a new item called Gold Coin, that temporarily boosts the luck stat and surprisingly is the key to this glitch.

A Souls Youtuber by the handle of ymfah figured out the glitch when he combined the effects of the Gold Coin with another luck boosting effect from an NPC named Maiden in Black. 

The result is an infinite increase to the luck stat of the player’s character, and by utilizing a weapon that scales with that particular stat, the Youtuber was able to kill enemies with a single blow!

However, to use this particular glitch, you’ll need to jump through several hoops and challenges which can be troublesome. Thankfully, ymfah made quite a detailed guide on how to accomplish it for anyone who wants to give it a shot.

I would probably suggest that you finish up the Demon’s Souls Remake at least once to learn the game mechanics. While the glitch might be useful for the time being, it will still be patched up by Bluepoint Games. And when that happens, you might find yourself struggling to cope with everything that’s going on.

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