As someone who has been quite vocal about how amazing the Souls games have been, I am utterly frustrated that I can’t get my hands on a PlayStation 5 just yet to play Demon’s Souls Remake. Why does every other country have to wait until November 19 to get a console, is just beyond me but that’s just how it is.

However, that hasn’t stopped me from keeping track of what’s happening in the virtual world of Demon’s Souls Remake. And I must say it’s been quite an intriguing adventure to see players throw themselves at an unsolvable puzzle.

A classic locked door; that holds a larger secret.

Demon’s Souls Remake has it’s very own Mystery.

If you’ve been doing your due diligence on keeping track of Demon’s Souls Reddit page, then you may have read about a secret door that has no direct way of opening up.

If you’ve played any of the Souls games, then you know that secrets and hidden pathways are not uncommon. However, this particular door was purposely placed in the Remake by Bluepoint Games as a form of Easter egg which can be found early on in the game behind an illusionary wall. And you know for sure that it’s a difficult puzzle to solve when the efforts of an entire fanbase prove to be ineffective.

Yet, Bluepoint Game seems to be getting a real kick out this torture and decided to tease players by confirming that the secret door can be opened without a doubt. Talk about rubbing salt into a wound!

All jokes aside, it’s quite something to see a community of gamers coming together from all around the world to solve something within a game. Hopefully, this little secret gets cracked soon enough before the game even hits a month old!

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