Demon’s Souls is going to create the next generation of rage gamers.

I used to be a typical gamer who never understood why most people gamed with so much rage, especially with games like the Dark Souls series. It always baffled me that despite getting so angry, they continued playing it over and over.

Then my life got screwed when I received a copy of the Dark Souls game on the Xbox 360 as a gift. At first, I wasn’t interested and ended up playing it to pass the time. It was annoyingly frustrating how easily you could die, but over time I found myself hooked to it.

I finally understood why these games were famous; it wasn’t about the anger that it produces after being defeated. But instead, it was about how determined you were to overcome the challenge and finally tasting the satisfaction of victory!

Since then, punishing games has been my drug. I went on to complete the Dark Souls Trilogy, Bloodbourne and as well as Sekiro. Then I found out that the Demon’s Souls game was the one that had started it all and it was the most punishing game of them all.

Soon after, FromSoftware announced that the Demon’s Souls game had a remake in the works. Praise the Sun!

Back to suffering with Demon’s Souls!

During Sony’s PlayStation Showcase Event, we finally got our first look at the Demon’s Soul gameplay footage. And for one, was certainly not ready nor expecting the game to look as good as it did in the trailer.

The trailer showcased how smooth the overall gameplay mechanics were during combat and traversal while maintaining consistent framerate throughout; it was like watching a high definition movie coming to life. The high-quality details of the environment and lighting assets and the updated design of enemies and bosses alike, makes the whole game look a well-oiled masterpiece.

The fact that footage of the gameplay displayed was taken directly from Sony’s next-gen console, PlayStation 5, was all the more impressive. Unfortunately, some gamers are going to be disappointed when they find out that it’s not going to be made available for all platforms.

Demon’s Souls will be an exclusive title for the PlayStation 5, and it will also be a launch title on November 12. Which means gamers planning to get the PS5 on the launch day, will not only be able to play Spider-Man: Miles Morales but also Demon’s Souls! The game will cost US$69.99, which seems to be the standard pricing that Sony is adopting for its upcoming PS5 games.

So get ready to start your journey of next-gen gaming with Demon’s Soul! And for more information on the game, click here to visit the PlayStation Blog.

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