The Taipei Game Show will be returning in 2021, and they have confirmed the dates!

Held by Taipei Computer Association (TCA), since 2003, the Taipei Game Show has successfully managed to attracted gamers from all corners of the world to its variety of exhibits.

Taipei Game Show 2021 officially announced.

Taipei Game Show 2021 have shared their official exhibitions dates on their site; which has indicated to start on January 28th until January 31st next year. The venue will be the same as the years before at Nangang Exhibition Center Center Hall 1, Taipei.

The game show will combine and utilize both B2B and B2C zones. B2B zone will run for two days from January 28th to 29th, wheres, B2C zone will run for the entirety of the schedule.

Hopefully, next years’ event will follow through without a hitch, unlike this year. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many organizers have had to cancel their exhibits such as Tokyo Game Show and Comic-Con. Tapei Game Show was no exception to the rule and ended up cancelling their event, that was scheduled to take place from June 25th-June 28th this year.

The cancellation hit closer to home for us here, at The Technovore. Sal, the editor of The Technovore, had been invited to be one of the Judges for Indie Game Awards this years’ Taipei Game Show; however, none of it came to pass.

Despite all of this, I’m still a little sceptical when it comes to events being held during this pandemic. The Covid-19 situation is far from over, and there are just too many variables in place to be entirely positive that anything will go according to plan. You can call me a pessimist; however, at times like these, we’ve got to be practical.

For more information regarding the event and its registration, you can click here.

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