Not often, does a game comes around and generates positive responses from almost among all gamers in general. Even AAA games have their share of negativity, let alone an indie game. However, there’s a new indie game in town that has been causing such a surreal buzz that’s hard to ignore! It’s none other than Mediatonic’s Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout and we’re here to find out if all the attention it’s getting is warranted.

What is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout?

Developed by Mediatonic and published by Devolver Digital, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is essentially a Battle Royale game. 

It was first revealed at E3 last year June, and it certainly stood out among the other games due to its comical nature. Honestly, over the long period, I’d forgotten that it was even coming; but it sure arrived with a blast!

As I mentioned earlier, Fall Guys is a Battle Royale type of game. When I say battle royale, most people tend to start picturing Fortnite and Cod: Warzone; for its gunning and competitive gameplay.

However, instead of following the already established norm of Battle Royale, Mediatonic decided to do things out of the box. It throws out gun-play, keeps the competitive nature, adds puzzles and comedy that ends up creating something unique. It sure was a risky move, but it was worth it.

Bizarre Yet Addictive.

In Fall Guys, up to sixty players are matched together in a Battle Royale with randomized game map levels that span across five rounds. Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to run like hell, fall, survive and ultimately be the first person to get the Crown! 

Also, did I mention that each player will be in control of a jellybean-like character? Yep, sixty jellybeans running around to become King or Queen; just let it sink in for a while.

Anyone who plays the game can immediately conclude that it primarily focuses on the idea of gamers having a good time. You can easily confirm this by the visual designs used by Fall Guys. 

The bright and vibrant colours used in the game reflected on all of the stages, portray as though you’re in a colourful candy-filled environment. It inevitably creates a more delightful experience for the players, and every map level manifests itself uniquely distinct yet memorably.


Similarly to the map levels, the visual aspect of Fall Guys is further explored upon on your very own Jellybeans through character customization options. Players can customize their character with various colours, patterns and clothing apparel to make them as diverse as they want from the rest.

If you’re anything like us, you’re going to be spending a fair amount of time messing around with the customization options. There’s a ton of it, and you can make it as hilarious or bizarre as you please! I settled on the pirate customization in the end because who wouldn’t want to be, Captain Jelly Sparrow?

By combining the stage and character visuals design in such a manner, the game becomes one big art piece with colours booming all around, and the weird part is that it works rather brilliantly. It’s probably one of the first things in the game that drew my attention and got me hooked to it and has me coming back to it for more.

Modes and Maps.

The gameplay of Fall Guys is so simple that anyone of any gaming skill level can play and ultimately win.

The game generally functions as a form of an obstacle course for players to overcome until a victor is determined. The game currently consists of four different types of gameplay modes: Race mode, Survival mode, Team mode and Final stage.

Each gameplay mode is then further divided into various map levels and designed to perform creatively from one another. The gameplay modes are honestly quite easy to understand and do not require you to be an expert to be able to complete it. 

For example, the Race mode map level, Door Dash, requires players to bash through doors until you reach the end. The obstacle of the course is the doors themselves, as some of it is fake and you’ll end up bouncing off it.

Roll Out, is a survival map level that requires players to stay long enough on a rotating platform to qualify for the next round. It seems rather innocent enough; however, as the platform rotates, various obstacles will come into play to push players off.

Throughout five rounds, sixty players are then gradually eliminated until the last player is left standing alone. Each round is randomly chosen from existing gameplay modes and maps however it seems to follow a particular pattern of Race mode, Survival mode, Team mode and lastly Final stage.

Gameplay Mechanics.

The players’ character performs with a ragdoll physics animation that has limited control to traverse these map levels. You’ll be able to jump over barriers, dive in midair to cross huge gaps and also grab objects that are necessary to complete specific map objectives.

As you start playing the Fall Guys, you’ll experience how hilarious it is to watch large numbers of jellybean like characters rushing across the map to qualify for the next round. You’ll be crushing and ramming against players and ultimately falling all over the place, hence the title name, yet eager to play more.

Over time, I can see the gameplay being repetitive to some players. However, due to the layout of the map levels, each level will require a reliable strategy to be overcome. Thus, each round will feel and play quite individually and along with the comical ragdoll jellybean animations; the game becomes more about just enjoying it.

Competitive Element.

Like every other Battle Royale, Fall Guys too have their version of the battle pass. As you play the game and level up your battle pass, you’ll be able to unlock various rewards. The rewards consist of costumes, emotes, colours and currencies that allow you to purchase more customization options for your character.

The in-game currency is called Kudos and Crowns, that can be used to purchase more customization options for your character in the Marketplace. Kudos are easily obtained just by playing; however, for Crowns, players need to become the champion of the match. Customization options are also categorized based on rarity, and their pricing tends to reflect it.

Being a new game in general, especially as a Battle Royale game that caters to a large number of players per matches; tends to face some issues. Fall Guys is no exception to the rule. The game has its share of glitches and connectivity issues such as disconnections faced by players. However, despite this, the game still runs reasonably well, and patches are already underway to solve these problems. 

The Bottom Line.

As someone who has spent hours playing this game, I can wholeheartedly say that everyone should give this game a chance. It might just surprise you in a way that you least expect. If not for anything else, at least it’s a great game to pass the time or de-stress yourself after a long day.

Fall Guys launched on August 4 for the PS4 console and Steam. The game currently offers two different editions and the prices varies accordingly. On Steam, the Standard Editon costs S$18.50 whereas the Collector’s Editon costs S$26.00. 

On the PS4 console, the game costs S$27.90 and offers only one edition. However, currently, it’s free for users that own a PSN plus subscription, and it will only be on a limited period so grab it as soon as you can!


Lots of fun and very engaging despite its simplicity; however, the repetitive quality of the game and server disconnections might put off players.

The Good.
– Visuals
– Customization
– Lots of fun

The Bad.
– Repetitive
– Connectivity issues

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