Have you been thinking about getting healthier and leading an active lifestyle? Yet, you can’t seem to get started on it thanks to everything else getting in the way? If only you could have your very own personalized coach to keep on you regularly and to push you onwards? Well, now you can! With Fitbit, you can be the best version of yourself!

About Fitbit

Founded in 2007 as an American digital health and fitness brand, Fitbit, is known for its penchant in creating wearable technology that primarily measures data regarding an individual’s well-being. Reports indicate that the company has managed to have sold over 100 million devices, which would explain why a tech giant like Google has been keen on acquiring it.

90-day free trial

As part of this years’ National Day celebration, Fitbit is promoting awareness on the necessity for an active lifestyle through its product line. New users will able be access Fitbit’s Premium service for a 90-day free trial that will grant access to its premium goodies! Unfortunately, this does not apply to current users.

The Fitbit Premium service fundamentally provides users with their personalized health awareness through the app. It is tracked based on the daily aspect of the individual’s life, to ensure that you’re inspired to reach your designated wellness goals. That’s only a small part of what the service can provide you and did I mention that users will also be able to take advantage of 40 new pieces of premium content that is entirely free!

Also to help along your journey of change, from now until the 16 August 2020, Fitbit will be offering exclusive promotions on selected smartwatches and trackers from their product line. These promotions include the new Charge 4, Versa 2, Versa Lite, Inspire series and Ionic. So if you’ve been looking to get into the fitness game or just looking to change up to a new tracker, I’d say now’s the best time for it.

If you’re keen to start your free trial today then here’s what you need to do. Open up the Fitbit app on your mobile device and proceed to the Premium tab. From there, you’ll have to choose the subscription plan that suits your needs, which will start after your free trial. Follow through the instructions to make the purchase, and you’ll have your 90-day trial in no time!

For more information about Fitbit, it’s premium service and its latest devices, please click here.

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