Well, well, I guess we have a new rebel in the house! Epic Games just went up against Apple and Google, yep those tech giants, for an all-out war! Alright, I’m exaggerating the war part a little too much; but I’m not kidding when I say this could turn out to be quite dangerous! Look out, Fortnite players, this impacts you the most!

Before we dive into, here’s a little insight into how Apple policy works.It’s pretty simple actually; you do what Apple tells you and when they tell you. Did I mention, you’ll also need to pay a commission of over 30% of in-app purchases made by customers? Overall, it’s either follow the rules set by Apple or get thrown out of the app store. Enter Epic Games, who said heck no.

Epic Games on the Warpath

On Thursday, the developers of Fortnite decided to go against the flow by creating their own rules. Epic Games introduced a new way of purchasing the in-game currency, V-Bucks, directly from its store. Meaning players could bypass Apple store to make their purchase, and the revenue would be directed to the Epic games only. They even went on to give players a twenty per cent discount on its in-game currency to attract players over.

Well, this did not make the tech giant, Apple, happy at all! They retaliated by removing Fortnite from its App Store; however, it seems Epic Games was banking on it. It immediately filed a lawsuit against Apple, accusing them of monopoly control over payment systems. 

It seems Google then proceeded to follow suit with its buddy in removing Fortnite from its App Store as well. Thus, prompting a similar lawsuit like the one Apple received from Epic Games. One thing is for sure, they were prepared for this and might have been for some time.

Well, this seems has to have caused an immense domino impact; however, depending on the outcome things may change for the better. If Epic Games wins the lawsuit, it might lead to more developers to go against the flow and strive for change. Alas, if the tech giants come on top of this; gamers may be the ones affected the most with Fortnite removed from the App stores.

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