During last year’s E3 ConferenceMicrosoft Flight Simulator, was revealed to players but now it’s just around the corner; and we cannot wait to get our hands on it! Microsoft’s Flight Simulator series has been one of the longest-running games that have garnered fans from all around the world. Its latest entry will be the eleventh of the series, and it might be the best of it all!

Microsoft Flight Simulator Magic

So what’s so special with this latest entry of Microsoft Flight Simulator, you ask? Well, turns out; it might be almost everything! The game generates and simulates photorealistic 3D models of pretty much everything in the game with resembling accuracy. Microsoft has managed to achieve this by using its Azure technology coupled with topographical data from Bing Maps. 

The game itself will be streaming all of this data to your computer and populating the world in real-time. Thus, you’ll need a great gaming rig to enjoy the game to it’s fullest extent.

What all of this means is that everything in the game will look as real as the real thing out in the world, and you’ll be pinching yourself to prove it. But I’m getting ahead of myself, why not have a look for yourself below and be convinced?

If you’re looking to get your hands on Microsoft Flight Simulator then you won’t have to wait long; as it will be available on August 18, 2020. Microsoft Flight Simulator will be arriving in Standard, Deluxe, and Premium Deluxe editions. Each edition will provide additional amounts of aeroplanes and handcrafted international airports accordingly. Pre-orders are currently open, and you find it here

However, this will only be available for PC at the moment. Xbox console users will still have to wait for a launch date from Microsoft.

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