As a WWE fan, I’m eagerly anticipating WWE 2K Battlegrounds!

It’s been too damn long since WWF Superstars and In Your House…hell, if I remember right, In Your House came out in the late 90s!

Since then we’ve a deluge of RAW and Smackdown games…but nothing in the vein of In Your House.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds seem to want to fill that void…but I’m not sold on the weird visuals. The semi-deformed style is a bit off to me, making the wrestlers look like crap.

Then again, maybe it’s just me. Even if it’s not, perhaps the gameplay will be awesome enough to make me overlook the art direction.

From what’s 2K’s revealed today, it does seem that there’s a ton of different modes to try out in the game.

Surprisingly, there’s even a Campaign mode!

Here’s the full breakdown of the modes:

  • Campaign Mode: Throw down in this single-player story mode told through a comic art style as you add to your stable of WWE Superstars to overcome the next challenge. Team up with Paul Heyman and Stone Cold Steve Austin as you travel the globe in search of new Superstars for an all-new WWE brand. Play as one of the seven newly created Superstars, such as Bolo Reynolds and Jessica Johnson, as you travel across several regions battling WWE Superstars, achieving campaign goals and unlocking various WWE Superstars, power-ups and items; 
  • Exhibition Mode: Brawl with your friends or family, with up to four-player action online or on the couch in your favorite match types, including: 
    • One-on-One;
    • Tag Team;
    • Triple Threat;
    • Fatal Four Way;
    • Steel Cage Match;
    • Royal Rumble;
  • King of The Battleground Mode: Battle to become the Last Man (or Woman) Standing as you and up to seven other online players burn it down and try to toss one another out of the ring! The longer you stay in the arena, the higher your score climbs. The second you send someone flying, another Superstar waiting outside the ring enters the fray;
  • Online Tournament Mode: Take the action online for rewards in a variety of time-limited tournaments featuring a wide range of win conditions. Keep an eye out… you never know when a new Battlegrounds tournament might be kicking off;
  • Battleground Challenge Mode: Brawl from the bottom all the way to the top! Create your own WWE Superstar and overcome all the odds stacked against you.

I’m a bit saddened there aren’t more gimmick matches though. You’d have thought that match types like the Casket Match, Lumberjack Match, Iron Man Match or even First Blood would be a natural fit for the arcadey action.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds hits every platform under the sun next month, September 18!

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