Sam Fisher is back but not in the way you’d hope. The main protagonist of the Splinter Cell franchise will be the next playable operative in Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege. Despite Ubisoft’s intention of making this a surprise, many of saw it coming for some time.

Sam Fisher AKA Zero

Before we dive in it, here’s the teaser for Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Shadow Legacy. Ubisoft has promised a full reveal of their new update and operator Zero (Sam Fisher) on August 16th, later this week.

As I mentioned above, this reveal wasn’t much of a surprise to some, as many saw it coming. Earlier this year, Ubisoft revealed it’s Year 5 battle pass along with a roadmap to showcase on what to expect.

According to the roadmap, during season 3, a new operator with the tagline Classified was teasedIf you’re a fan of the Splinter Cell or someone who follows Ubisofts’ games, then you would have immediately concluded that it was Sam Fisher. I mean it couldn’t have been any more straightforward than that.

The Splinter Cell franchise is a big deal to the fans, and Ubisoft knows it well. Sam Fisher has made his appearance in a few of their titles. Notably in Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon series, where he takes on the codename ‘Matchwood’ and provides the players backup, in his own personalised story.

Speaking of Ghost Recon, I wonder if they’ll introduce Nomad as a operator with his magnificent beard and all.

Gamers are appreciative of the inclusion of Sam Fisher; however, many are still concerned over the fact that it has been seven years since the last Splinter Cell. Some have even gone on to joke about it that, “At this rate Sam Fisher’s gonna be featured in every single Ubisoft game except his own.” 

A valid point for sure although perhaps, Ubisoft is planning something for the next consoles? That would be some terrific news but for now; all we can do is hope to see Splinter Cell return sooner than later.

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