I’ve never heard about the Oshaberi Doubutsu (Jabber Balls) until a few days ago. When I saw one though…I knew I needed one badly. It doesn’t matter how much it’d be (ok…I had a budget of $20), I’d hunt down a Jabber Ball and make one of them mine!

As I consider myself a connoisseur of weird crap, it’s something right up my alley! Cute, funny and the potential to annoy people to no end?!

I mean how could I resist getting something like this?!

Now Jabber Balls aren’t exactly new.

Looking around on the internet, I’ve found that they been out for at least 3 years. That’s why I’m wondering how the hell I didn’t manage to find out about them till recently! It’s like showing up late to the best party of the decade!

Not only are the Jabber Balls cute, they also make this annoyingly cute noise when squished! They also stick out their tongue, which adds to the mystical appeal!

…or you could always use them to annoy the hell out of friends, family and pets!

I don’t know exactly what about them makes them so funny to me but I crack myself up playing with them. My wife on the other hand wants to murder me…so if I die mysteriously, it’s probably death by Jabber Ball.

But that shouldn’t stop you from getting one! Everybody needs a Jabber ball in their life! Whether it’s to annoy or entertain, these balls can do it all! You can easily get one off Amazon for under SG$20 (I got mine from Amazon SG) or even some local toy websites. Hell, I bet you can even find them in stores if you know where to look (I don’t!).

Whereever you get them from, I have no doubt that Jabber Balls will bring doom and rui…I mean love and happiness.

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