We feel your pain auntie.

It’s like watching a mirror and seeing all the horror you’ve experienced on public transport acted out in a single PSA video.

If you’re a public transport user (like us here at The Technovore), you’re going to find Hong Kong’s Transport Department video very, very familiar.

Sure, some of them are kind of outlandish (like the Kung Fu/ stretching auntie in the MRT) but others are spot on like people not moving inside when the train’s crowded or travelers who are so engrossed on their mobile devices they forget they’re in a moving vehicle.

Have a look see and count how many of the situations you’ve experienced personally! We’re at 10, though not all of them are exactly as portrayed in the video.

Remember everybody, when you’re on the public transport, you’re with other people. Do think of everybody else, eh?

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