Let the hate flow through you…

The next X-men movie (aka Dark Phoenix) is almost upon us. It’s also potentially the last we’ll see of this particular cast, as Disney is set to get back the X-men and Fantastic Four licenses from Fox later. Of course, that probably means the end of the First Class series of movies but hey, if integration into the MCU means we get Wolverine in the Avengers sequels, I’m all for it.

Either way, it looks like it all comes to a head in this July’s Dark Phoenix, as Jean Grey succumbs to temptation and gives in to her dark side.

Fans familiar with the X-men series will no doubt see similarities between Dark Phoenix and X3: The Last Stand. Both feature Jean Grey turning into the Dark Phoenix, though X3’s version looks decidedly more tamer compared to this newer incarnation and the stuff she does in the trailer.

Still, The X3 version did kill off two major characters in the form of Cyclops and Professor X so there’s definitely a standard set for X-men murders, which hopefully this Dark Phoenix exceeds. There are lots of explosions and people getting hurt by the Dark Phoenix, which is rather promising. From the trailer, it seems like it might even be the end of the line for an X-man!

However, both versions of the Dark Phoenix Saga are markedly different from the original comics version.

Whether that’s a good thing or not for this version of the story is still up in the air, though I’d definitely love to see Shi’ar Imperial Guard take on the X-men…which sadly is not going to happen from the looks of it.

Nonetheless, the trailer is definitely promising (though the lack of new mutants is kind of a downer) and we’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on this one as it nears release its July 7 release date.

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