Singapore’s education curriculum is always growing and adapting with the
current advancements in technology. In order to provide a more interesting way to engage the minds of the younger generations, Mixed Reality (MR) is currently part of one school’s module for students., a start-up company based in Singapore that specializes with MR, has partnered up with Crescent Girl’s School (CGS), in order to create a Biology module called Eco-lysis that is built upon the Mircosoft HoloLens.

Through the usage of the HoloLens and MR, CGS students are able to experience a holographic environment that is realistic and interactive. It enables the students to experience the lesson being taught firsthand instead of just reading about it in their textbooks.

It seems the intent of this newly introduced module is to allow students to learn abstract concepts in a new unconventional method which in turn sparks their creativity and enables them to thrive.

In my opinion, this idea has the potential to help many students to overcome their difficulties in learning and allow them to perform at their maximum capacity because every mind works in a different way.

You can read more on what the kids were up to at Microsoft’s website.

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