We’ve all been waiting for it with bated breath for months now…Soon, it’ll be finally here! Yup, tomorrow marks the day that Microsoft will finally show off its first party lineup for the Xbox Series X in its Xbox Games Showcase!

Finally, we’re going to get to see what first party games will look like on Microsoft’s next generation console. It’s a damn big deal because traditionally, first party studios are the ones with the biggest console guns…aka games.

The original Halo single-handedly put the Xbox on gamers’ lips with its excellence. The original Gears of War had people talking about how the Xbox 360 was a monster of a console, able to push the Unreal Engine it ran on to awesome heights.

Now it’s the Xbox Series X’s turn. I can’t wait to see how Halo Infinite looks like on the new machine. Sal and I played through the Master Chief Collection in co-op a few months back and it was freaking awesome so I can’t wait to see what 343 Industries has up its sleeves for the latest installment.

I really hope the big battle modes from Halo 5 return, alongside Halo: Reach’s progression system (where you earn credits to buy new armor).

Other than the Master Chief’s return, expect to see a ton of other games from Microsoft’s ginormous stable of first party developers. The Coalition will undoubtedly show something Gears related (could Gears Tactics be on the way to Xbox?), Turn 10 Studios will definitely have Forza revving to go and I have a feeling Mojang might be showing off a version of Minecraft RTX, as the Xbox Series X has ray tracing capabilities. It probably won’t be called that considering the Xbox Series X isn’t running an NVIDIA GeForce RTX.

Whatever it is…let’s hope Microsoft has a bit more oomph to its show this time around. Its last Xbox showcase was…underwhelming (to put it gently). Trailers abound but barely any gameplay.

Microsoft’s mentioned they’ve learned their lesson from that…but let’s see tomorrow if they really mean it. You can watch the stream via a variety of sites:

Alas, since Mixer is no more there’ll be no more Mixpots for Microsoft streams. I’m actually pretty sad for this.

Tune in to the Xbox Games Showcase at midnight tomorrow (24/7/20) to see what’s in store.

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