Yet another new online-only event in the wake of the cancellation of all gaming conventions (thanks China for gifting us all with COVID-19!) for the year, Ubisoft Forward is the company’s chance to show us all the games that will be coming soon!

Here’s the teaser for the upcoming event.

Expect to see Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Watch Dogs: Legion (among other Ubisoft games like The Division 2, Ghost Recon Breakpoint and more) for sure. I’m also wagering For Honor and Rainbow Six get new updates on what’s coming up next. Hell, perhaps there are even a surprise reveal or two for the next generation consoles!

Ubisoft Forward’s going to be from 11AM PDT on July 12…which is 2AM on July 13 for us on Singaporeans and others on the GMT+8 timezone. Ubisoft’s even done this handy chart…

Ubisoft Forward

Oh wait…Asia seems to not warrant a place on that. Why Ubisoft? We’re not important enough to be included or something?

Maybe we’re not, but why not just turn up anyway and nab Watch Dogs 2 for free?

All you need to do, is login to Uplay on Ubisoft’s website or through the Uplay client itself. Twitch users seem to be able to get in on the fun too.

Here’s what Ubisoft says about how to nab the game.If you are joining us on our official website or through Uplay, make sure you log into the Ubisoft account you would like to receive the game on. 

If you are joining us on Twitch, make sure your accounts are SET UP to receive TWITCH DROPS. Your free copy will be delivered the day after the event, on 13 July 2020.

Ubisoft FAQ

Unfortunately the giveaway seems to be only for PC users. Yeah, bad news for console gamers. Still, a free game is a free game and there’s nothing stopping console players from creating a free Uplay account and redeeming the code for future use.

Remember, it’s going to be from 2AM (Singaporean time/GMT+8) on July 13!

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