Who doesn’t love the Sentinel? A huge, (mainly) purple robot killing machine hellbent on the eradication of mutants everywhere. I’ll tell you who…the X-men!

Luckily, we’re not one of them…or a mutant for that matter. So there’s nothing to stop us from getting excited over the symbol of mutant genocide like perfectly normal humans.

Previously a HasLab (think Hasbro’s version of Kickstarter) project, the Sentinel needed 6000 backers to get it greenlighted for production. It’s not a huge number when you think about it…but the US$350 asking price might have something Hasbro balking a bit, especially in the current economic climate.

Also, previous HasLab alumni (Unicron and the Jabba Sail Barge) had trouble meeting their targets too…so that may have something to do with Hasbro’s reluctance to fund the project.

Well, the big wigs shouldn’t have been afraid.


The huge HasLab Sentinel (66.9cm!) is a go.

It’s so much a go, that it now has over 8850 backers (at the time of this writing) and the deadline isn’t till August 24! Its unlocked 2 out of its 3 stretch goals already! In fact, at the rate it’s going, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Hasbro add in more stretch goals to keep even more people pledging their cash.

I’m not going to lie…I’m going to pledge as soon as I have enough cash to! If you can’t pledge via Hasbro Pulse, you can also do it through BigBadToyStore…but they’re charging a premium for it, so that sucks.

If nothing else, its exclusivity and limited first run practically ensures this will be a good investment to sell off in the future. It’s also part of the Marvel Legends series, so it should scale well with the figures from that line. There’s even a Bastion figure included to increase the value!

If you’re a Hasbro Pulse member, shipping within the US is free. God help those of us who are shipping to Singapore. Freight forwarders are going to make a killing!

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