With most of us busy thinking about the elections, SG Climate Rally’s Instagram page gone the opposite route; they’ve gathered activists from all over the spectrum to give their opinion on what matters most to them.

We’ve spotlighted SG Climate Rally in the past and this time they done something even more remarkable; try to address other social issues on top of the climate change ones we’re all facing.

SG Climate Rally's Instagram

These topics range from land sovereignty, to minority discriminatory hiring practices, to talking about the plight of the foreign workers in Singapore. Each of them are interesting and eye opening…totally worth your time to check them out.

They’re not long too! Each post (or ‘Takeover’) is about 5 minutes long (give or take) so you don’t even need to set aside a lot of time to watch them all. A word to the wise though, you’re going to want to check out the resources given in some of the Takeover videos if you’re inclined to learn more about the various issues.

While I won’t suggest which one you need to watch (all of them!), I did find the most thought provoking one to be R Madhavan’s, which is about migrant workers.

So take a break from all the hubbub of the elections later today; there are other pressing matters everybody should also be focusing on too and most of them are handily listed on SG Climate Rally’s Instagram page!

Now, isn’t that helpful?

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