Last week, SG Climate Rally held a webinar and released their Climate Scorecard. The advocacy group for climate change has long been a vocal voice in Singapore, with their intense drive for the government to do more to help combat the crisis.

With the release of their climate scorecard, SG Climate Rally has succinctly put together a comprehensive list of what the Singaporean government has done or failed to do.

In light of the upcoming General Elections, it’s a great way to keep yourself informed on what’s going on, especially if you’ve not been keeping up with the scene.

Long story short, there’s a ton of work that needs to be done.

Take heart though, as the group did find numerous positives that shows that there is change afoot. However, the changes being implemented can still be improved on.

Now don’t think this is a shot at the current government. It’s not; it’s meant to guide the authorities on improving current measures.

Ahead of the coming general election, the Greenwatch team hopes that the climate crisis will be seen by political parties and voters alike with the seriousness that it deserves. To serve as a guide on climate policies, we have prepared our own Climate Scorecard, a tool to measure the ambition each party shows in their manifestos and campaigns to tackle climate change. We aim for this to benefit both parties and voters. For parties, we hope that our scorecard can be a useful framework to ensure that policies address the many dimensions of climate change. For voters, we hope that this can be a helpful guide in understanding what is at stake with climate change, and where each party stands.

SG Climate Rally

Personally, I think that SG Climate Rally’s doing a great job in raising awareness for the masses who might not know (or aren’t interested) about climate change. After all, with COVID-19 ravaging the world, most people are thinking about their jobs and lives instead.

It’s understandable but that doesn’t mean the issues present with climate change should be shelved. In Singapore, we’re in a unique position to push for greater measures to combat the issue with the upcoming elections. Raising the issue now, when politicians are the most receptive to the masses, is a great way to thrust the matter to the forefront and make it one of the talking points of the general elections.

If you’re interested in doing your part for climate change but unsure of how you can go about doing it, I recommend heading over to Climate Media Hub or the SG Climate Rally Facebook pages. Alternatively, you can also reach out to Speak For Climate through their website.

Hit them up for guidance, they’ll be able to help out on how best you can contribute to raising awareness.

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