Capcom announced a new project called Project Resistance, complete with its own website. A teaser trailer is due to release online on 9 September at 11pm SGT.

However, images from the teaser got leaked by Reddit user 5eye-samurai. They said that they used the live stream link and put it in a YouTube thumbnail grabber website to get the images. But I can’t find the live stream link, could it have been removed after the leak?

Anyway, the images were pretty tiny but thanks to Twitter user Nibellion, we now get a sneak peek of what’s in the trailer ahead of time.

Check out the leaked images of Project Resistance:

Wow, interesting! The biggest takeaway from this is that there are four characters which means that Project Resistance could be a co-op game, similar to Resident Evil Outbreak. Also, the graphics look very nice! I’m very much looking forward to the official teaser when it drops.

Project Resistance is an upcoming Resident Evil game. Fans of the survival zombie horror franchise can easily spot this in the way the letters R and E in ‘Resistance’ are coloured red while the rest are in white.

The game will be shown at this year’s Tokyo Game Show (TGS) where they’ll reveal the first look at the gameplay. Event attendees can even try their hand at playing the game by registering in advance, but you’ll have to be a resident of Japan. 🙁

In a previous article, we mentioned that Capcom was recruiting Resident Evil fans to test out a mystery new game. By comparing the Japan test dates (8 and 9 September) and the TGS dates, this must mean that the mystery game is Project Resistance. Mystery solved!