With the first installment of the Dark Pictures Anthology series ‘Man of Medan’ out now, Supermassive Games reveals the title of the second game called Little Hope as it drops its official teaser.

‘Little Hope’ stars English actor Will Poulter as Andrew who thinks there’s something strange in the woods. Poulter is best known for his roles in Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, We’re the Millers and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Check out the full teaser of Little Hope:

*Note: I don’t know why the video title says ‘Man of Medan Secret Ending’ but the official trailer uploaded by IGN is too dark to see, unlike this one.

The teaser doesn’t reveal much about what Little Hope is about. But it does tell us that Andrew and a woman named Angela encounter a strange little girl named Mary who handmakes a creepy-looking doll and has a British accent for some reason.

As the teaser progresses, we see a monstrous hand reaching out from underground and Angela falling into a big hole somewhere where she desperately tries to climb up to escape. But someone or something throws a steel chain at her legs and it somehow winds itself around her body before dragging her further down.

Meanwhile, Andrew helplessly watches from above, unable to do anything. And the teaser ends with a signboard that says “Welcome to Little Hope”.

I’m not sure who Angela is and what the two of them are doing in the woods. Also, who’s Mary? And is there a connection between her, the doll and the monster? What about the mysterious attacker that dragged Angela with the chain? So many questions but no answers yet!

And then it hits me.

Take a look at the letter O in “HOPE” in the above screenshot. Is that familiar? If you’re a horror movie fan, Blair Witch comes to mind. The logo is way too similar to the signature stick figure known as twana in the Blair Witch Project franchise. This explains the thing with the creepy girl and creepy doll.

So perhaps Little Hope could be about the Blair Witch legend. While that’s fine, it’s just too bad that there’s another Blair Witch game out now and it looks better than what the Little Hope teaser has shown.

Plus, the teaser is kind of weak. It’s okay not to reveal so much about the game, but I feel like they were too careful about so the teaser ends up generic and boring. There are too many horror games out there that use the creepy girl with creepy dolls trope that it doesn’t do anything for me anymore. Plus, there’s no hint of relation between the girl and the monster so they look so random.

But maybe this is just a case of trying not to show too much of the game. Hopefully, the official trailer would give us better insights of what to expect from Little Hope.