If you’re one of the last few stranglers who’ve still not made the jump to a PS4, you’re in pretty good luck since Sony’s gearing up two new PS4 bundles for release.

Whether it’s the base version or the PRO variant you’re looking for, Sony’s got you covered. Both bundles are set to launch on August 9, so you can play throughout the long weekend!

The first one is for the base PS4 unit.

It’s called the Mega Pack and retails for $449 and it comes with the goodies below.

It’s a pretty decent haul. A mini-messenger bag, 3 months of PS Plus (which you’ll need to play online) and 3 excellent games.

We question the inclusion of The Last of Us Remastered (a title you can get cheap from PSN sales) instead of a newer first party release like Spider-Man or Detroit: Become Human or even Days Gone but maybe Sony wants to people to catch up on the plot before The Last of Us 2 hits.

If the base PS4 isn’t good enough for you (we understand), here’s the PS PRO bundle.

No fancy name this time around, it’s simply called the God of War / The Last of Us Remastered bundle and is retailing for $619. Here’s what it comes with.

Weirdly, you don’t get the mini messenger bag or the PS Plus 3-months subscription but you do another DualShock 4 controller, which does make up for it. No Horizon: Zero Dawn though, which is a bummer but you can also get it cheap too during PSN sales.

Interested? You can go get the bundles at any Sony store. Here’s a handy link to their locations.

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