When you think of games with stage builders, you might think of Smash Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch. Alternatively, you might think of the Super Mario Maker series for the same console.

Just recently, Super Mario Maker 2 was released – with even more options for players to get creative with, when using the game’s level maker. Since the game’s release, many have had their fun since then with creating their own levels! However, it seems that not only players, but also brands, have gotten creative with their level-making.

As a rather innovative way of advertising, popular Western fast food chain Arby’s has created their own level in the Mario Maker sequel.

Though we’re not sure about the level’s difficulty, it’s pretty charming. As you can tell from the video below, there’s a part in the level that spells out Arby’s tagline, “We Got The Meats”, in coins.

Of course, other brands quickly caught on with Arby’s marketing tactic. The ever-sassy Wendy’s took measures to do what Arby’s did – and made it even better. Wendy’s took level-making one step further, and made a whole world’s worth of levels. Here’s Wendy’s map of their world, accompanied by each level’s game code:

True to their nature, the Wendy’s Twitter account even dragged people who complained that their levels weren’t good.

Ooo, burn.

You can check out a playthrough of the Super Wendy’s World levels here:

Though this method of marketing might surprise you, all this isn’t new. Apparently, when the very first Super Mario Maker came out, car-brand Mercedes came up with a level that allows you to drive through it in a – you guessed it- Mercedes.

It’s not everyday you get such a fun and creative spin on marketing, that quite literally caters to a diverse audience worldwide. Let’s hope more brands catch on with this level-making trend!

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