As you already know, a new Lord of the Rings series is currently in the works. The Amazon Prime production is in still early stages of development, having only secured the series’ lead writers and the director for the first two episodes in the last update.

So here’s some exciting news! According to Variety, Australian actress Markella Kavenagh is reportedly in talks for a role in the upcoming fantasy series. Sources say that she would play a character named Tyra.

Since there’s no known Tyra in the original Tolkien books, this could be a new character created for the series. Or, as some fans pointed out, it might just be a secret code names for the project. One even said auditions are also being held for 3 other characters, Eldien, Beldor and Aric.

Markella Kavenagh with Stella Gonet after wrapping The Cry movie
via Kavenagh's Instagram (@markella.kavenagh)
Markella Kavenagh with Stella Gonet after wrapping The Cry movie
via Kavenagh’s Instagram (@markella.kavenagh)

Not only is the series’ plot basically a mystery, Kavenagh herself is a relatively unknown actress herself outside of Australia. The young woman has appeared in various productions like mystery thriller The Cry, drama mystery Picnic at Hanging Rock and TV series sequel Romper Stomper. Besides that, she also has interest in making music. This past April, she shared “a soundscape/spoken word piece” called The Fixer.

Some speculate that Tyra may be an elf character, based on Kavenagh’s physical traits. This may be true since the business with the Rings is the epicentre of everything that unfolds during the Second Age: the rise and fall of Númenor and Sauron with the early wars of the Rings between Sauron and Elves.

About the Second Age

The upcoming Lord of the Rings series will be focusing on the Second Age, the time period in which the Rings of Power were created and the One Ring was forged. Nothing is known what the exact story will be though. But one thing (lulz) is for sure, it would be quite Game of Thrones ish.

Some other notable events of the Second Age include:
– The crowning of the 1st Queen (and 7th ruler) of Númenór, Tar-Ancalimë.
– A bunch of other crownings of new ruler of Númenor and elven royal weddings
– Sauron’s rise and the building of Barad-dûr.
– The appearance of the Maia Annatar aka the Lord of Gifts whom Galadriel tells Celebrimbor not to trust
– The battle between Sauron and Celembrimbor, the Ring Maker.
– The beginnings of the War of the Elves and Sauron
– The emergence of the Nazgûl
– The births of Elendil and his sons Isildur and Anárion
– The founding of Gondor and Arnor
– The War of the Last Alliance


Tar-Ancalimë, the First Ruling Queen of Númenor, by Szilvia Szarvas
Tar-Ancalimë, the First Ruling Queen of Númenor, by Szilvia Szarvas

If the series were to follow trends, there’s a huge possibility that the series would include Tar-Ancalimë and her succession to the throne since women in power is the latest in-thing in mainstream entertainment. So perhaps Tyra could be code name for Tar-Ancalimë and Kavenagh might be playing the elf’s younger self or something.

Tar-Ancalimë is a Númenórean woman, the daughter of the 6th King of Númenor Tar-Aldarion and Erendis. During Tar-Aldarion’s reign, he changed the rules of succession to allow his only child to succeed him after his death. Though Númenóreans are considered of the race of Men, they have longer lifespans and are taller than other men.

Celebrían's imprisonment, by Līga Kļaviņa
Celebrían’s imprisonment, by Līga Kļaviņa

But if we’re sticking to the Elf character rumour, Tyra could also be code for Celebrían. Kavenagh could be portraying the role of Galadriel’s daughter. Celebrían is Elrond’s future wife so since Elrond plays a major role in the Wars, she may be significant in the series too.

With a huge amount of story material to use, the new LOTR series has the potential to go for at least a few seasons if they so choose.

As for the other rumoured characters, I’m thinking Eldien is code for Elendil, Beldor is Celebrimbor and Aric is either Isildur or Anárion. Just a wild guess for fun! Hopefully, we’ll get more info soon.

Who do you think Tyra is? And what other characters do you want to see in the new LOTR series?

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