Looking for an alternative to Monster Hunter? A fan of Fortnite-esque graphics? Dauntless might just be the game for you!

Photo Credit: Phoenix Labs, Dauntless

The Playstation and XBox One versions of the PC monster-hunting game will be launching on May 21, according to Phoenix Labs, the developers of Dauntless. On the same day, Dauntless will be heading to Epic Games Store for its official release. While the company has also announced plans of bringing the game to the Nintendo Switch and mobile, no release dates have been announced or confirmed yet.

What’s gameplay like?

Though it probably sounds rather similar to Monster Hunter, the core focus of Dauntless is different. Rather than being focused on hunting monsters and clearing quests, this game takes a different approach.

Dauntless acts more like a role-playing game in which each character levels up their powers, weapons and clothes or armor. In the process, new weapons, monsters and challenges are unlocked.

Photo Credit: Phoenix Labs, Dauntless

Other than that, the game itself does contain elements similar to those of Monster Hunter’s. Players can craft potions that can heal, or improve stats such as defence or attack. Players can also craft weapons and armor using body parts dropped from the monsters they hunt. There’s a multiplayer element to the game as well, where players can team up and work together to take down heavily armored monsters.

Photo Credit: Phoenix Labs, Dauntless

If you prefer playing on a console rather than on PC, don’t fret! Dauntless is designed to be a cross-play game. Though final details on this end have still yet to be settled, save data can be brought over from PC via the company’s own game launcher.

That, and you won’t have to worry about costs as well! The game itself is
meant to be free-to-play. However, similar to Fortnite, it’s possible for players to pay for Seasons. These seasons grant paying players access to progression trees with extra goodies.

All in all, it seems like a new and fun multiplayer game, with cool graphics and customisation options. Looking forward to the launch!

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