PlayStation 4 players, you’re in luck! Since May 9, Capcom has had a free Monster Hunter: World trial up on the PlayStation Store. The free trial for the game will last until May 20.

What’s in the free trial?

Players who download the free demo of Monster Hunter: World will be able to experience the game’s opening hours. Starting from character creation, players can play through most of the game’s story missions up until Hunter Rank 4.

Photo credit: Capcom

Out of the five main locations in Monster Hunter: World’s main story, this demo gives you access to two – the Ancient Forest, and Wildspire Waste. Whether to fulfil quests, hunt monsters or just to explore, players have full reign to wander about these two regions freely.

Players have a lot of equipment to choose from as well. Monster Hunter: World has 14 weapon types available for players to choose from. Each weapon type can be used (with tutorial videos provided!) to see which best fits each player’s play style.

The demo has the same multiplayer functions as the full version, too! Demo players can play with people who own the full version, and quests can be played by up to four players at once.

Photo credit: Capcom

What happens to the demo’s save data?

Demo players won’t have to worry about wasted progress, either! Save data from the demo will carry over to the full game if players decide to buy it after the trial. The save data gets tied to players’ PSN accounts, which ensures that players will not lose their data.

In other words, players will be able to take their time in deciding when to purchase the full game – whether it be immediately after the demo ends, or when the Iceborne expansion rolls out in September.

Better hurry if you want to try the game, though! The free trial will only last until May 20, and beyond that date, players will not be able to access the demo.

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