We attended the launch event for SBTG x HBO Asia’s limited edition Game of Thrones sneakers today. Read on for exclusive details from the designers themselves, and for pictures of the shoes!

Talks with the Designers

We’re lead into the store by Mark Ong (better known by his alias, SBTG), and his fellow designer and partner-in-crime, Nicole Lim (“Mrs SBTG”).
Four pairs of GOT x HBO Asia collaboration sneakers are displayed next to a replica of the Iron Throne. The pair pose for the cameras on the Iron Throne, but not before answering a couple of questions.

Mr and Mrs SBTG, power pair, on the Iron Throne.

Mark mentions that the design process was straightforward, with the main goal being to reflect and express the chosen Game of Thrones houses and motifs through SBTG’s style of design. Thought was also put into the selection of the redesigned shoes, which were all various models from Adidas. In his words, these shoes are “super limited edition”, and they’re “not allowed to make any more”.

The total creation process took about a month for each pair of shoes, with the planning of the designs being the trickiest. It’s no surprise – after all, the creative process behind each pair was different. While Mark has considered making other designs, he mentions that it would be tricky as they are collaborating with HBO Asia on these shoes. Regardless, as a fan of the series, the thought excites him.

Exclusive Details about the Sneakers

The first pair that we see is the one inspired by the White Walkers. Sleek and icy blue, bearing the face of the Night King on the tongue of the sneakers with the famous phrase “Winter has Come” written on its heels.

Unlike the other Houses in the series, the White Walkers don’t have a sigil of their own. Wanting to match the theme of the rest of the sneakers, Nicole designed and created a “sigil” of the Night King’s face from scratch.

The second pair that we come across is the pair inspired by House Stark. The design and colours for this pair was based off a screenshot of a scene where Arya was in a forest. Braavo’s iconic phrase, “Valar Morghulis”, as well as its response, “Valar Dohaeris”, are written on the back outsole of the sneakers.

Mark adds that he sent a pair of these Stark sneakers to Maisie Williams, Arya Stark’s actress, for her birthday. Perhaps we’ll get to see an unboxing video sometime in the future.

The third pair that we see is based off House Lannister. Described as being “blood drenched”, the bright red on the shoes are meant to be reminiscent of Cersei’s signature colour before her fall from grace. This pair of shoes also has gold chains incorporated as part of its design (that, as it turns out, can easily be removed), in reference to Cersei’s own cloak chain.

Last but not least, there’s the pair inspired by House Targaryen. The pair itself mostly consists of nude shades, inspired by Nicole’s more feminine style of camouflage. The design for this pair was inspired by the scene where Daenerys became the Mother of Dragons and had her clothes burned off – which is why these shoes have scraps of leather incorporated as part of their design.

Other Features of the Display

Of course, there’s more to do than to just admire the designs of these sneakers, and to pose on the Iron Throne. The store itself has a feature where you can virtually try on these limited edition Game of Thrones sneakers, take a photo, and email it to yourself.

If you download the VeChain Pro app (iOS /Google Play) on your phone and scan the smartchips located on each display, you’ll be able to watch behind the scenes videos of the creation of these sneakers as well! Note that it may not work for Samsung, though – for whatever reason, the option to read the NFC chip didn’t show up in my app.

Shoutout to Mr SBTG for posing for me.

Love the shoes and want to own a pair? There’s a contest you can join to win them, with details here! The shoes will be on display from today till April 30 at the Limited Edt Chamber store (#B2-112)  in The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, so make sure to drop by before they’re gone!

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