More news on the internet’s favourite student-turned-Phantom-Thief’s addition to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster has finally arrived! Just this morning, Nintendo dropped a video that revealed the release time and date and details of Joker’s DLC, along with changes being made to the game as a result of its Version 3.0 update.

Joker in action, with Morgana.

These changes include a “Stage Builder” where players can build and brawl in their own custom-made stages, as well as a “Movie Editor” that players can use to edit their recorded fights.

What’s so special about Joker?

Joker’s more than just Smash’s first DLC fighter! In Nintendo’s video, it’s revealed that Joker himself has a unique fighting mechanic, where he has a gauge in Smash that charges up whenever he takes hits. Once the gauge is full, it allows Joker to summon his Persona Arsene to strengthen his attacks – much like a Stand in Jojo’s Bizarre’s Adventures, or an extremely funky looking Pokemon.

Joker’s Final Smash was also revealed in Nintendo’s video to be a mixture of 3D modelling (in typical Smash style) and 2D art. The 2D art has aesthetics and graphics much like those of “All-Out Attacks” in Persona 5 itself, where Joker and his friends gang up to deal heavy damage on their enemies.

Joker is also revealed to have a unique results screen animation, that once again combines Smash’s style with Persona 5’s.

For $5.99, Joker gets added on to your Smash fighters roster, along with a Stage (“Mementos”) based off an area of the same name in Persona 5. The stage itself will change colour according to the music selected. The music for the stage is limited to a few famous soundtracks from Persona 3, 4, and 5, that fans of the series will definitely recognise and enjoy. A list of the available tracks has been compiled by this Twitter user:

In light of this news, and the knowledge of a “Persona 5S” in the works, there’s a fairly high chance that Persona 5 might just get a port for the Nintendo Switch. Fingers crossed in anticipation of the Persona announcement teased by Atlus, that’s set to drop on 25th April!

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