A tweet from the official Xbox twitter account has recently announced that they would still be holding an event in E3 this year. They will be the only company from the big 3 to be presenting in this year’s conference, unfortunately. While it has been the case for a while with Nintendo, this will mark Sony’s first year in recent history to pass on holding any sort of conference in the iconic event.

Nonetheless, the Xbox division will still have something to show come June 9th at 1PM PT / 4PM ET (that’s Monday, June 10th @ 4am for the folks living in the GMT+8 timezone). Previous avenues for viewing the show are still available such as on the Mixer platform.

Additionally, there would be another streamed event titled “Inside Xbox” the following day on June 10thwith more announcements to come from that event.

If gaming personality Major Nelson is to be believed, expect many big announcements to come from the event and for the event to be “bigger than ever”. While I personally have no clue about the games that they’re going to announce, I do expect at least a tease of the next-generation Xbox (the nextbox? Heh) to rear its head at the end of the show much like the Xbox One X did with Project Scorpio.

Microsoft could look at this opportunity as a way to blindside Sony on both announcing and releasing their console earlier than them just like what they did with the Xbox 360.

Via Gamerant

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