One of the things you absol-utely can’t miss out on in Jewel Changi is paying the Pokemon Center a visit! We’ve mentioned that there are freebies to be collected – but what exactly is in store, both literally and figuratively?

How long is the wait?

I joined the queue around 5-6pm, and queued for about 20-30 minutes. The waiting time varies depending on how long the queue is, and at that point, the queue was the shortest I’d seen that day.

The queue system is very organised, though! The queue is split into separate parts in order to prevent the walkway from being blocked. Each section has at least one Pokemon Center staff members to help you figure out where the queue ends starts. These staff members also act as ushers, directing the people in the queue forward, and eventually into the Pokemon Center itself.

What’s in the Pokemon Center?

There are a couple of collections available, though it’s smaller than you’d expect.

The moment you walk in, you’ll be able to see a section of the store dedicated to plushies of all 151 Kanto Pokemon. Yes, you heard that right – all 151. Each plushie is relatively small (about the size of a hand), and all retail at $19.00.

Part of the original 151! The entire display was about three shelves wide.

In terms of limited edition items for Pokemon Center Singapore, most visitors picked up these plushies of Pikachu riding on a Lapras. These retailed at $49.00 per plush, and each customer can only buy 5 per person. There were also other limited edition items, such as Pikachu stuffed toys in SIA’s uniform, and facemasks based on the three Alolan starters going at $7.90 a piece!

Fans of Eeevee and its various evolutions are in for a treat, because there was a lot of merchandise of the Eeveelutions. Cushions with pixel-style art of the Eeveelutions, sleeping Eeveelution plushies, small bell keychains of the Eeveelutions (and a couple of other Pokemon) were all on sale!

The spotlight wasn’t just on the Eeveelutions, though – there were two walls dedicated to plushies of the starter Pokemon across the various games. Prices ranged from $34.00 to $54.00, depending on the size of the plushie and the kind of Pokemon it is.

Starter wall!

There was also the Ditto collection, and plush toys of a couple of other Pokemon as well, and even some Pokeballs! There were also things other than plush toys, such as pouches, figurines and cardsleeves.

Though I can’t vouch that the prices of the items on sale are cheaper or more expensive than those sold in Japan, it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re fond of the series. Go catch (or buy) em all, or at least drop by if you’re in the area and have time to spare!

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