As somebody who grew up watching the original Transformers cartoons on TV in the 80s, I hate the Micheal Bay Transformers movies. The character designs are a travesty (spitting on everything that’s come before) and the films are vapid, offering nothing that’s not been done before in the various Transformers cartoons or comics.

To put it in perspective, if the films were on fire and begging to be put out, I’d take a couple of marshmellows, take a seat and enjoy the show. That’s how much I hate them. Note: Bumblebee (not a Micheal Bay film), is a pretty decent flick though.

It’s amazing that Bay’s films have amassed millions (maybe even billions?) yet they’re still nowhere near as great as the G1 cartoon or even other productions with much lower budgets.

Case in point.

Here’s Hasbro Taiwan’s stop animation video featuring some of the new Transformers toys from the War For Cybertron Trilogy: Siege line.

Not only does this capture the spirit of the series better than the Micheal Bay movies (again, apart from Bumblebee, that one was pretty decent), it does so with toys!

To be fair, the Siege line already has a massive number of things going for it; the toys are all inspired by G1 Transformers, both in robot and vehicle forms. So they’re pretty much half way to being awesome already.

It still took imagination and awesomeness to complete the package, which the stop animation video has in spades! It’s just a shame some of the bigger figures like Ultra Magnus or Shockwave wasn’t in the video…but hey, it’s just Episode 1! Later ones will hopefully have them.

Plus, if you think this is awesome, you’ll definitely want to track down Hasbro’s other Transformers videos like the Combiner Wars shorts.

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