Proud owner of a pet? Think your furry companion is one of the cutest creatures to ever walk the Earth? Here’s your chance to flaunt their cuteness, and win prizes while you’re at it!

To celebrate the wonder known as cute pet videos on the Internet, TikTok is calling on all furbaby owners in Singapore to participate in the #MyPetsLife challenge! Pet owners can take part in this social challenge to showcase the cutest videos of their furry companions.

How can I take part?

Taking part is simple – just record a 15-second video of your furry companion(s) with the hashtag #MyPetsLife! Edit the video how you like, and when you’re satisfied with the outcome, upload the video to TikTok by 22 April.

10 lucky videos will be chosen from the #MyPetsLife hashtag to win a bag of limited edition TikTok prizes! Winners will be announced via @tiktok.singapore on Instagram, and within the TikTok app itself, on 28 April.

Poster for the competition!

Important note, though: Contest entrants must have a TikTok account, and must be at least 15 years old!

How can I make my pet stand out?

The TikTok app has 15 to 18 pet stickers available that can be used to make your furry companion stand out! These pet stickers, or filters, range from cute to goofy – so play along with your pet’s charms, and use what you think might fit it best.

These filters can help to enhance your pet’s charms, and make it even cuter (or goofier) than it was before! Of course, if you have other creative ideas, or if you think your pet is cute enough as is, you don’t have to use the filters.

Regardless, here are some of those filters in action:

Think you’ve got a shot at winning? Get your hands (or paws!) on the TikTok app via iOS or Google Play, and participate today!

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