Think of the National Stadium – giant, imposing dome-shaped building. Now think of Vivo City’s interior, combined with greenery straight out of the domes of Gardens by the Bay. That’s the best way I would describe Jewel Changi to someone who’s never been there before.

We’re under 48 hours to Jewel Changi’s official opening, and you already know some general facts about the place – so here’s a rundown on what you can actually expect.

Getting There

Jewel is directly connected to Terminals 2 and 3 of Changi Airport, and a road crossing away from Terminal 1. These multiple linkways help to control the steady flow of human traffic! Other details on ways to get to Jewel can be found on their website, but I personally took the train there.

If you’re travelling there by train and worrying about getting lost – don’t be, because chances are that most of the crowd is there to visit Jewel. The mall itself is about a 5 minute walk from Changi Airport MRT Station, with clear signs pointing you in its direction.

Jewel Changi’s Features

The moment I walked in, I was greeted by the sight of the Rain Vortex, the world’s largest indoor waterfall, and one of Jewel’s main features. Many (and I mean many) were crowding around the waterfall and admiring its majesty, and it’s understandable – it’s breathtaking to witness in person. Pictures do it justice, but it’s more surreal and impressive when you actually see a 7-storey high waterfall in front of you.

View of the Rain Vortex from the Shiseido Forest Valley trail.

The Rain Vortex is actually accessible from multiple staircases in its vicinity, that are part of another of Jewel’s features. These are known as the “Shiseido Forest Valley” trails, upon which you can walk to admire the greenery, or just to have a better view of the waterfall.

One of Jewel’s other main features is its Canopy Park on the 5th floor. Most of the more exciting attractions (a mirror maze set in a garden and “discovery slides”, amongst others) are going to open in about June or July this year. Some attractions were already open though, such as fog pools for children to play with, and a flower garden.

View of the 5th Storey at night. If you squint, you can see the snaking queue under the trees.

Despite the Canopy Park not being fully open, the area was extremely crowded, and there was a snaking queue to go in. Expect these queues to stay for the next month or so, unless you’re visit during less busy hours of the day.

Jewel Changi’s Shops

Of course, the shops were a sight to behold as well. Jewel offers tons of food options, ranging from familiar brands such as KFC, to a two-storey Starbucks and the newly opened Shake Shack. Unfortunately, Shake Shack only opens once Jewel officially opens, so expect extra long queues!

Huuuuge and pretty Starbucks.

A&W was already open during the preview, though! However, the waiting time (until you got your food) was estimated to be about 2 hours long, and that was the marker at the halfway mark of the queue. Again – you’ll probably have better luck at a shorter queue once the hype dies down.

Just look at the crowd!

Though I didn’t manage to try the above-mentioned brands, I did manage to try The Alley’s bubble tea! While other outlets have been rumoured to be opening in Singapore, Jewel’s outlet is its first on our shores. For that reason, I queued for about 20 minutes to order my bubble tea, and got it about 30 minutes later.

Queued 20 minutes for this view.

Retail-wise, Jewel has plenty to offer as well. With many mainline shoe brands (Nike, Puma, Adidas etc.) and other shopping options such as Muji, Tokyu Hands and Pokemon Center (full review here), there’s bound to be something for everyone. My advice is to grab a copy of the mall guide, to really orient yourself with what’s available and to better navigate the area.

The guide looks like this!

Final Thoughts

Expect there to be crowds and queues everywhere, so go with company to make time pass faster while queueing. Don’t let that ruin your experience, though! Jewel is a really cool place to visit (both figuratively and literally), and I’d definitely recommend dropping by at least once.

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