Much like what we had seen last year from Intel with the i7-8086k to celebrate their 40th anniversary of the first ever Intel chip made, AMD seems to be planning for the same as well this year. This year in 2019, it marks AMD’s 50th anniversary since its founding in 1969 which would make sense for them to come up with an occasion to celebrate it. The new AMD Ryzen processor seems to be their answer.

Spotted by Dayman58, this Zen+ chip will probably be the last variant that AMD will produce on the 12nm node before switching completely to the new 7nm process later this year. This seem to have come from a retailer listing from shopblt which also indicates its price as $340.95 USD, quite a bit cheaper than the regular 2700X. Perhaps this is an early sign of a price cut coming to the existing Zen+ chips to clear stocks before the launch of the new 3000 series CPUs.

While no other details can be found from the source, we could potentially expect AMD to do the same as Intel did last year. Those special edition i7-8086k had been specifically binned so that they would reach the much vaunted 5Ghz clock speed; AMD could also be preparing these binned chips to reach a certain speed when overclocked to its max potential.

Since the 2700X by default already reaches a clock speed of 4.3Ghz, expect speeds of somewhere around 4.5Ghz (to give a nice rounded number) to be within reach of this processor.


Hassan Mujtaba from Wccftech also pointed out something I hadn’t thought about:

“In addition to the CPU, motherboard makers would also be offering 50th-anniversary edition motherboards for the said processor such as the X470 AORUS Gaming 7 WIFI “50th Anniversary Edition” from Gigabyte.”

Hassan Mujtaba, Wccftech

AMD loves bundles, sometimes a little too much I say. We could potentially expect this to be bundled in some sort of combo just like the previous launch of Vega graphics where 2 games were bundled to make the initial price of $399/$499 USD more palatable to consumers. Since the CPU was also solely listed at shopblt, expect to be able to just purchase the CPU by itself as well on the chance that you already have a Zen compatible AM4 motherboard.

via Wccftech

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