YouTube recommendations rarely hit the mark when it comes to noting down anything of interest these days. But this time…this time it delivers! Companies Sanrio and Sunrise (and by association, Bandai Namco) are collaborating together in this bizzare mash-up that features both titular characters, Hello Kitty and the most iconic Gundam, the RX-78-2 Gundam from the original series.

To celebrate Gundam’s 40th and Hello Kitty’s 45th anniversaries, they have produced a short crossover episode to commemorate this milestone in their franchises.

There is also an official website created for this event here.

You can watch the short here:

It features Hello Kitty watching an episode of Mobile Suit Gundam and in true Japanese weirdness, walks down a street only to be transported into the Gundam universe moments later.

Event details

A poster for the event

“The collaboration starts with their Marugame Seimen campaign which allows fans to collect points whenever they visit the store by scanning the provided QR code for the event.
Valid receipts are also entitled to be in a raffle draw where the entrant could win prizes. The promo is valid from April 2 to May 19, 2019.
Prizes includes t-shirts commemorating the event partnership and a special dining set with logo of Gundam 40th and Hello Kitty 45th anniversary. These will be given away to 600 lucky winners.”

Gundam Kits Collection

It seems that they will also have a couple of Japan-only retail events that one can participate to earn some goodies that includes a t-shirt with a logo of the Gundam x Hello Kitty event.

You can read more of the Marugame Seimen campaign on their official website here

A similar event is also held at the Ito Yokado specialty store (basically a chain shopping mall) during Japan’s golden week holiday from May 1st to the 6th to obtain more memorabilia from both franchises.

While a third event is in the works, there isn’t any news I could gather about when that would start. It seems like a mystery solving game would be produced by a production company exclusively for this event. No details have been given for the release date, however.

It is also not known whether we could get another short like the one above, but i think a short series like this would be really cool to see!

Via Gundam Kits Collection

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