With Jewel Changi officially opening to the public in 2 days, here’s 4 things you never knew about Jewel Changi – including parts of its construction and development!

1. Jewel was built without disrupting the airport’s regular operations.

An aerial view of Changi Airport, next to Jewel Changi / Picture Credit: changiairport.com

Construction for Jewel Changi commenced in 5 December 2014, and from then till now, Changi Airport has not missed a day of operations! This is an extremely impressive feat by the team behind Jewel’s construction – especially since Jewel Changi is situated in the middle of three of the airport’s terminals.

2. Jewel Changi is built around the airport’s existing Skytrain track.

Changi Airport boasts a free Skytrain service that connects the various terminals of the airport, in both transit and public areas. It’s meant to make each terminal more accessible to travellers in shorter periods of time – especially since some may be carrying heavy luggages.

With Jewel Changi’s opening, now there’s an added bonus for travellers. Skytrain passengers travelling through Terminals 2 and 3 can enjoy a close up view of the Rain Vortex. It’s absolutely safe, too! The Rain Vortex was intentionally built slightly off-centre in order to keep a safe distance from the Skytrain tracks. However, this intentional positioning of the waterfall is not obvious, unless you have an aerial view of the area.

3. Jewel features the world’s largest indoor waterfall.

An aerial view of the Rain Vortex at night! / Picture credits: changiairport.com

As mentioned, visitors of Jewel Changi will be able to enjoy the Rain Vortex. This majestic waterfall is one of Jewel’s key features, and is presently the world’s largest indoor waterfall that stands at more than 7 storeys high! At night, the Rain Vortex also has a light show that visitors of the mall can enjoy – making it even more beautiful at night.

4. Jewel boasts more than 300 retail facilities… and more!

Jewel Changi spans 134,000 m2 and is 10 storeys high – five above-ground, and five basement storeys. That’s a lot of space for a lot of facilities, which includes, and is not limited to: the first Pokemon Center outside of Japan, the largest Nike store in Southeast Asia, an 11-screen Shaw Theatres cinema with a seating capacity of about 800.

That’s not to mention the food options – who isn’t excited for Shake Shack and A&W’s “debut” in Singapore? Plus, Jewel itself has a hotel and multiple other gardens – which ensures that there’s something for everyone who visits.

With so much going on, Jewel Changi is sure to be a delight for both locals and tourists alike. Stay tuned for our feature on the Jewel Changi and its facilities!

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