As of last Saturday, Twitch Sings is now officially available for all, as a free-to-play streaming karaoke game on Windows PC. Twitch Sings was originally announced by Shear back in October 2018, introducing the game as one that Twitch was developing with Harmonix Music Systems – a company with more than two decades worth of experience making music games.

How does Twitch Sings work?

Twitch Sings is linked back to the player’s account immediately, allowing players to stream straight to Twitch without requiring a fancy streaming setup. From there, the player can choose from the game’s catalog of nearly 2,000 songs. The catalog includes hits from various artists, genres and eras of music – ranging from Elton John and The Beatles, to Bruno Mars and Ke$ha.

The player then goes on to sing live. Livestream viewers can interact with the singer by cheering them on using Twitch emotes and Bits, or by applauding the player. Livestream viewers can also vote on which song the player should sing next, or goof off with the streamer using in-game challenges. Viewers can even follow or subscribe to streamers from within Twitch Sings itself!

Duets are supported by Twitch Sings as well! The player can record themselves singing one part of the song, and upload it to Twitch. Anyone else can sing the second part over the recording – which makes it possible to do a duet with yourself!

An in-game screenshot of a duet, from the Twitch Sings trailer.

There’s no difficulty setting to the game, either. The game evaluates how well the player does based on the reactions of the viewers, combined with a performance scale of zero to three stars. The better the player performs, the more coins and XP they can earn! As one would expect, coins allow the player to customise their in-game avatar, and XP levels up their in-game profile.

Example of a Twitch Sings profile / Image credits: Twitch.

Twitch Sings launches with the dual purpose of being a game and a streamer tool – allowing streamers to easily generate content for their channels. At the same time, a multiplayer karaoke game fits in and further encourages the growth of Twitch’s community-oriented platform. Overall, it’s an interesting and fun release by Twitch, though ultimately, we’ll have to see what the community thinks of it.

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