By now, everybody who visits the site knows we love the Xenomorphs…also know as the cuddly, fuzzy Alien. There’s just something undeniably awesome about them.

Perhaps it’s the way they propagate, bursting out of the chest of their victims. Perhaps it’s the way they look, all sleek and biomechanical with teeth that go on and on. Perhaps it’s the way they satisfyingly blow apart in a shower of acid when shot.

We’re not sure, but we do know we love them to bits!

We’ve been covering them ever since the site started, with the Alien Isolation Digital Series, the Alien 40th Anniversary shorts and now, with what is perhaps the best news for the franchise!

Disney’s going to continue making more entries in the series!

Holy crap that’s AWESOME!

When Disney bought Fox, we imagined that the Xenomorph (and Yautja) would hopefully crossover to other Disney owned properties. This isn’t it (we’re STILL holding out hope for a Star Wars/ Alien movie!) but it’s definitely the next best thing!

After all, prior to this Disney hadn’t made any mention of continuing ANY of Fox’s franchise outside of the Marvel licenses. Reports from Cinema Con however reignited hopes.

One of the many, many tweets excited about Alien under Disney.

Right on!

The Xenomorphs will be coming for more victims in the future. Since this is from Cinema Con, we’re assuming it means more feature movies. Whether it’s Ridley Scott’s final installment in his Prometheus trilogy or something else, we can’t wait!

Of course, Alien isn’t the only franchise name checked in the presentation. Reports have also mentioned the Planet of the Apes series, Deadpool (who we already know Disney has plans for) and even Predator.

That’s definitely a huge sigh of relief for fans of these franchises. Now, the only thing we all need to do is just to sit back, relax and wait.

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