If you’re a Marvel fan, chances are you’ve been waiting for this.

It’s been years in the making, and months since it was initially revealed but it’s finally come to pass.

The House of Mouse is now the owner of 20th Century Fox.

Hopefully this will herald a new age of Marvel movies as most of their licensed properties are finally now back under their control.

That means the X-Men (and other mutants), Deadpool and the Fantastic Four can now all appear in their own Marvel MCU film.

Wolverine in an Avengers film? It’ll probably happen in the next decade. Marvel’s First Family teaming up with the Avengers? Same. Avengers vs X-men? Marvel would be INSANE not to translate the event for the MCU.

Exciting as all that is, I’m actually excited what it means for non-Marvel properties. Remember, the deal’s for ALL of 20th Century Fox, not just its Marvel licences.

That means Xenomorphs.

This guy.

And also Yautjas.

This guy too.

Can you imagine the possibilities?

Xenomorphs and Yautjas can crossover with Star Wars, Marvel or any other property Disney owns. Somewhere out there in the multiverse, we guarantee there’s a version of the Lion King where Mufasa dies from a chestburster.

Oh it also means that there’s a new badass Disney female villain too. One that puts Maleficent, Ursula, Cruella and every other woman baddie to shame. Plus, she’s royalty too!

Let’s see how Sleeping Beauty deals with her.

Yeah, Disney’s kingdom is about to get a whole lot darker and bloodier.

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