In space, no one can hear you scream…again.

Remember a looooooong time ago, when we mentioned that Alien: Isolation is getting a digital series on Youtube? Seems like it was only yesterday wasn’t it? Oh wait…it was!

Right as promised, the complete series is out now on Youtube. We’ve linked the first episode above, so you can easily binge watch the rest by clicking on it. The whole series runs for about an hour, so you can watch the whole thing in one sitting if you want.

Remember, if you want more of Amanda Ripley, you can always get Alien: Blackout on Android or iOS. If you’re a fan of comics, there’s also Aliens: Resistance (of which Issue #2 just came out), which stars Zula Henricks (another of Dark Horse’s Aliens character) with Amanda Ripley too.

Now, you’ll have to excuse us as we go off to watch the series!

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