“So dark! You‘re sure you‘re not from the DC Universe?” 

Two months ago, the Hellboy reboot movie released its first official trailer and it disappointed a lot of people, myself included. Many were confused by that trailer since it wasn’t looking as gritty and darker as it was promised it was going to be. Also, given how comical the trailer was portraying Hellboy, it wasn’t surprising to see the reaction it received nor was it helping to solidify the outlook of the movie.

That all changed for the better today for everyone with the release of its second trailer today.

Now, this was the trailer we needed and deserved with all of it’s bloody gory kills and gritty action! The trailer sheds more light on Mila Jovovich’s villainous sorceress Niume, her agenda to destroy all of humanity and introduces a variety of monsters from the movie.

The design of the monsters itself looks amazingly done and it also reminds me of the creatures from the DOOM games which is a good thing. Let’s definitely not forget how awesome the scene with Hellboy riding a dragon while wearing a flaming crown and wielding a flaming sword looked like!

My favorite parts from the trailer have got to be the dragon riding scene and when Hellboy rejects the Niume by saying “Yknow, cause I’m a Capricorn and you’re fucking nuts!”.

This is one movie I’m excited for and eagerly awaiting to watch this year.

Ibrahim's a hardcore gamer and Star Wars fan. He's obsessed with Obi-Wan Kenobi, even claiming that he's a descendant of the fictional Jedi Master. Other than that delusion, Ibrahim's pretty down to earth, collecting figures and buying games he'll never finish.